Announcing: Tumble En Español!

Tumble En Español is Tumble in Spanish! We’re so excited to share our brand new podcast for Spanish speakers, Spanish learners, and everyone in between. Tumble En Español features six of Tumble’s most popular episodes translated into Spanish.

Tumble En Español is hosted by Nuria and Alvaro. They’re native Spanish speakers, and real-life friends of Lindsay and Marshall! They bring their own awesome sense of humor and even a ukulele (!) to the show.

In fact, we made a free Tumble En Español phrasebook for you, with English translations of their silliest jokes. Download it on the Teacher Store (just click the image below). Use coupon code Phrasebook to make it free.

The first three episodes of Tumble En Español are available wherever you listen to podcasts. But you’ll want to listen to ALL SIX of them! So download the Himalaya podcast app, where you can listen to all of Tumble En Español for free.

Tumble En Español es un podcast para toda la familia en el que contamos historias de descubrimientos científicos. ¿Te has preguntado por qué hacemos caca? ¿O qué pasaría si la Luna desapareciera? ¡Acerca la lupa y lo descubrirás! Acompaña a Nuria y Alvaro a responder preguntas, compartir secretos y a descubrir de qué se trata la ciencia.

Tumble En Español is co-produced by Tumble Media and La Coctelera Music, with support from Himalaya.