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Full, ad-free episode of "The Secret Senses of Plants," along with a package of educational materials. Included in this package are:


  • An ad-free version of the episode “The Case of the Sparkly Mineral with Jim Holstein”

  • A listening comprehension sheet, that includes a graphic organizer

  • A vocabulary sheet, in which students can practice learning vocabulary used in the episode

  • A transcript of the episode

  • A list of resources for further research

  • An activity guiding students to develop their own classification using a random collection of objects


This curriculum package has been aligned with the following standards:


  • 5-PS1-3: The DANA classification system figures prominently in the episode, which is a system of classifying minerals based on their properties. The activity included in this package is a way to guide students to develop a classification system based on observable properties.

Common Core ELA:

  • The vocabulary exercises in particular are aligned with CCSS.ELA.LITERACY.L.5.4, 5.5, and 5.6


For educational use only. Not commercial or derived material.

The Case of the Sparkly Mineral - Curriculum Package

SKU: 0308M
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