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This is all the music Marshall has made--so far--for Tumble, Season 3. This can serve as great background music for any podcast, video, or whatever else you like. 


This ZIP file contains 45 tracks from the following episodes: 


-The World Without Parasites

-The Tale of the Bacteria Farmer

-The Cave of the Upside Down Bat

-The Puzzle of the Friendly Dog

-The Quest for the Edge of the Universe

-The Adventure of the Explorer's Club

-The Mystery of When Brains and Sports Collide

-The Hunt for Black Holes with Karl Gephardt

-The Journey to the Deepest Part of the Ocean

-The Case of the Invisibility Cloak

-The Voyage of the Ocean Trash

-The Tale of Darwin and the Beagle

-The Code of the Flashing Firefly

-The Tale of How Ants Conquered the Earth

-The Charge of the Everlasting Battery

-The Tale of the Haunted House

Tumble Music -Season 1

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