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The Explorers Club

In this episode, we take you inside the famed Explorers Club in New York City, where we meet a real explorer! Richard Garriott de Cayeux has been around the world and into space on scientific expeditions. He shares the stories of famous explorers and his own family expeditions – beginning with his astronaut dad. Plus, he explains on how to find a real meteorite near your house!

Indiana Jones GIF

Tales of wild exploration have you wanting more? Fear not! We've got you.

Tour The Explorers Club! See all the cool and unique artifacts, including a yeti scalp and 4-tusked elephant, collected by Explorers Club members during research expeditions over the last century.

Hear about Going into Space. Ever wonder what it's like going into space? Richard Garriott shares his experiences of take-off.

Iguana. Photo by Flickr user Stewart Black.

In addition to exploring the world, the Explorers Club is known for their famous annual dinner serving exotic foods. This year it was a buffet of invasive species. If you want to cut back on an overpopulated species, eating is one way to do it. They served up a spread of lionfish fillets, Asian carp sashimi and iguana meatballs on sticks! Adventurous eating. " READ MORE in the article by POPULAR SCIENCE

And by the way, here's Lindsay with Richard Garriott in front of The Explorers Club building near Central Park in New York City. Fun fact: They're both from Austin, Texas!

Lindsay with Richard Garriott in front of The Explorers Club building

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