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Joe Hanson Answers Our Mail!

Joe Hanson, host of PBS Digital Studio's It's Okay to Be Smart and Hot Mess, has been a long-time friend of Tumble. So it was a no-brainer to ask him to help us lighten our mailbag!

This episode is only a taste of Joe's encyclopedic knowledge of science. Dive into his library of fascinating videos, starting with his new show, Hot Mess. We learned so much from this episode about the history of the public understanding of climate change. We recommend it to everyone.

You can watch more of Hot Mess here. It's also hosted by brilliant ladies Talia Buford and Miriam Nielsen.

And here are some of our favorite It's Okay To Be Smart videos:

The science of farts! (Obviously we love this one.) It will make you giggle, and there's plenty of fun facts you might use to lighten up an embarrassing moment. Phffftttt!

What if there were no sharks? Asides from missing out on the cinematic excellence of Jaws, the world might be a little different! Find out how in the video.

We cannot get enough of the retro educational vibes in this video. Plus, what you'll learn about data will blow your mind.

Have science questions for Tumble? Our mailbag needs filling! Email us at

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