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Pluto and the Planetary Pandemonium


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Transcript-Pluto and the Planetary Pandemonium
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It’s a scientific controversy of planetary proportions! Is Pluto a planet, or not? In this episode, you decide, after we present two sides of an epic astronomy argument. Back in 2006, the International Astronomer’s Union voted on a definition of the word “planet” that excluded Pluto and other newly dubbed “dwarf planets” from planethood status. Astronomers - and everybody else - quickly chose sides. We dive deep into the debate and learn that Pluto’s not the only Space Object Formerly Known As A Planet. Then we’ll ask you to weigh in with your opinion, and see if you can find “consensus” on what should be called a planet.

Photos of the planets in our solar system

No matter how a planet is defined by humans, the fact is that they're all beautiful and fascinating in their own ways.

To learn more about Pluto, here's an hour long documentary about the exciting science of the New Horizons mission, which swept close to the surface of the dwarf planet.

So what do you think? Should Pluto be called a planet or not? Email us at to share your thoughts, and whether you found "consensus" with your family and friends!

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