Answering Kids' Coronavirus Questions

Do you have questions about coronavirus? We’ve got answers. Coronavirus is probably affecting your life right now, and it can seem scary and complicated to understand. That’s why we collected questions from listeners, and got an expert to answer them. We asked Dr. Juan Dumois, an infectious disease pediatrician, your questions.


Our sci-pod friends have also made very informative episodes about coronavirus.

Here's Brains On's episode, Understanding Coronavirus and How Germs Spread.

You can also listen to our friend Nate, who is a kid reporter! He interviewed an expert on infectious disease.

But Why? A Podcast for Curious Kids has an episode called, Explaining Coronavirus to Kids, and the Science of Soap.

These are all highly recommended to listen and share widely with anyone who could use the information!


NPR has a great comic about coronavirus. Read it here!


Want to know more about how viruses and vaccines work? Listen to our episode, The Sign of the Ninja Virus.