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A Kid's Guide to the Total Eclipse

Transcript-A Kid’s Guide to the Total Eclipse
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Excited for the upcoming April 8 US eclipse? Listen to our new eclipse special! Eclipse expert, Vivian White, tells us the how, the why, and the feeling of seeing the moon block out the sun. It’s gonna be SO-lar fun! 🌑🌕☀️

Learn more about Vivian and her sky stories in our bonus interview extra on Patreon!

Episode art for "A Kid's Guide to the Solar Eclipse." Pictured is a child with eclipse glasses looking at the eclipse above them.



Photo of Vivian White.

Vivian White is the Director of Free Choice Learning for the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Vivian administers the Eclipse Ambassadors Off the Path program, which helps prepare communities for upcoming eclipses. She also administers the Night Sky Network of more than 400 astronomy clubs across the US.

For an exciting countdown and a bounty of resources, click here for the Astronomical Society of the Pacific's eclipse page. Vivian recommends it!


Want a quick eclipse review after the episode? Here's a National Geographic video that can help you out!

Click here or on the screenshot below for an interactive webpage from NASA all about the 2024 solar eclipse. There's a super neat time-lapse of the path of totality.

Screenshot of the NASA eclipse webpage. The globe and the path of totality are displayed with a time lapse.

And finally, click here for an article from The University of Colorado Boulder about the eclipse rock carving in New Mexico's Chaco Canyon. Doesn't it look awesome?

The eclipse rock carving in Chaco Canyon.


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