Fashion's New Spider Sense - Life Lab, Part 4

Transcript-Fashion's New Spider Sense - Life Lab Pt 4
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Shirts made from spider silk? Leather made from fungi? In this episode, we're exploring how synthetic biology is pushing the future of fashion!

Welcome to Life Lab! This is the fourth part of our five part series about how tiny life can change our world. In Life Lab, we explore the incredible power of synthetic biology to solve some of our biggest challenges - and asking how it could change our future. Life Lab is supported by the Engineering Biology Research Consortium, a non-profit committed to educating the next-generation and building a community dedicated to solving big challenges with engineering biology. Funded by the National Science Foundation.



Dr. Dan Widmaier is the CEO and founder of Bolt Threads. His Ph.D. is in Chemistry and Chemical Biology from UC San Francisco and he's been working at Bolt since 2009. He's really in it for the long haul!

Here’s a recent TED Talk where Dan explains the power of synthetic biology in fashion:

Here’s a look at Bolt Threads’ mushroom-made “leather” on an Adidas sneaker:

And here’s a dress made with their spider silk!

Want to hear more from Dan? Listen to our bonus interview episode on Patreon.

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