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How Did Language Start?

Transcript-How Did Language Start
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How Did Language Start? In our first episode of 2024, we’re joined by linguist Robert Englebretson. He tells us how language developed and how we could find out more. Hop into your time machine ⌛ because we’re taking a trip to the past!

Learn more about Robert and his journey into linguistics in our bonus interview extra on Patreon!

Episode art for "How Did Humans Create Language?" Pictured are two people talking.

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This episode is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant Number # 2148711 - Engaging Blind, Visually Impaired, and Sighted Students in STEM with Storytelling through Podcasts. Click here to learn more.



Photo of Robert Englebretson with books behind him.

Dr. Robert Englebretson is a linguist and professor at Rice University. He researches a variety of subjects in linguistics from discourse and grammar, to conversational English, to braille.

Want to learn more about Robert and his passion for language? Click here for a fascinating story from the Rice Thresher, his university's paper!


If this episode made you interested in the many languages of life, check out this fun video where kids showcase the languages they speak:

Here's a cool PBS video that explores the first humans who spoke. Watch on to learn more about the biology and evolution of speech:

Language evolution is super neat! Here's a more kid-friendly explanation of it:


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