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Kids' Vaccines Tackle COVID-19

"Kids' Vaccines Tackle COVID-19" artwork. Smiling kid with bandage on arm.


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What do you need to know about the new COVID-19 vaccines for ages 5 - 11? Sam, age 8, and Natalie, age 10, are here to help! They participated in a COVID vaccine trial, which is an important part of the science that will help end the threat of coronavirus. Along with Dr. Kawsar Talaat, an epidemiologist who helped run the trials, they share the behind-the-scenes of the process that helps us know that vaccines are safe to take. Nervous about getting your shot? Natalie and Sam have some great advice to share, so you can help the world get back to normal.

Transcript-Kids_ Vaccines Tackle COVID-19
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The episode shares the story of Sam and Natalie's experience of being in a vaccine trial. Vaccine trials are the process that help the government decide whether to approve a vaccine for everyone to use. But even with these trials, you might have more questions about the safety and efficiency of the vaccines. There is a lot of misinformation, so make sure you are doing your research from trusted sources, which update their information when necessary.

Here are a few of our trusted sources:

VACCINES.GOV - Find a vaccine near you, and get answers to frequently asked questions

STAT NEWS - Coronavirus - Stat is a news site that covers only health and medicine news. It is our most trusted source for coronavirus news.

Do you want to learn more about vaccine trials, and how they work? Watch this video discussing the process behind the science.


For many kids, vaccines come down to getting shots! Shots are not fun, we can all agree on that. But like Sam and Natalie say in the episode, they protect us, protect others, and keep the virus from spreading.

Here's Kawsar's son getting the shot. He looks very relaxed while distracted by a video!

Photo of Kawsar's son getting the shot.

For parents: Science and parenting writer Melinda Wenner Moyer has these tips to help prepare your child for the vaccine.



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