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Moving to Mars? - Life Lab, Part 2

Transcript-Moving to Mars_ - Life Lab Pt. 2
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Should we make the move to Mars? And how would we live there? Join us as we pack our bags for Mars with the help of synthetic biology. We’ll find out how astronauts could grow their own food, medicine, and even building materials on the Red Planet. But when Lindsay and Marshall start to disagree about moving to another planet, some tricky qu

Artwork for Life Lab

estions threaten the mission…

This is the second part of our five part series about how tiny life can change our world. In Life Lab, we explore the incredible power of synthetic biology to solve some of our biggest challenges - and asking how it could change our future.



Photo of Adam Arkin

Dr. Adam Arkin is the professor of bioengineering at University of California, Berkeley and scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He’s also the director of CUBES, the Center for the Utilization of Biological Engineering in Space.

Adam is also the director of Arkin Laboratory, where he and his scientists engage in microbial research. Here’s a picture of him and his team:

Photo of Adam Arkin and his research team.

Learn more about synthetic biology in space, in this TED talk.

Want to hear more from Adam? Listen to our bonus interview episode on Patreon.


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