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Pirate Adventure Road Trip

"Pirate Adventure Road Trip" artwork. Two pirates on an island holding swords. Also pictured is a crab with a pirate hat.

Why be stuck in traffic, when you can board a pirate ship to explore the science seas? In this special summer road trip episode, we have compiled the best Tumble stories about ocean science!

Join longtime Tumble fans and former pirates, Captain Snowbeard and his first-mate Pippin, as they sail across the sea in search of scientific discoveries and adventure! You will learn the ins-and-outs of a professional science exploration ship, discover the secrets of whale snot, uncover the mystery of seals’ whiskers, fight ocean pollution, and even have a party with whale sharks. Time will fly by faster than a clipper ship with this road trip episode!

Want to learn even more? We also have descriptions and blog posts for our episodes, so you can discover even more about the sea and its creatures once your voyage is over.

List of Episodes:

The Expedition of the Science Ship

The Snot and the Whale

The Science of Whiskers

The Voyage of the Ocean Trash with Jenni Brandon:

The Case of the Whale Shark Party with Rafael de la Parra

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