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The Alien Bacteria Abduction

Transcript-The Alien Bacteria Abduction
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It's fact-meets-fiction in our latest episode! Tune in to learn how scientist Caroline Blassick faces off against alien bacteria invaders who avoid antibiotics. You won’t want to miss this battle of microbial life and death! 🦠

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Episode art for "The Alien Bacteria Abduction." Pictured is a UFO abducting bacteria.

This episode is supported by the National Science Foundation under award number MCB: 2032357.



Caroline Blassick in front of flowers.

Caroline Blassick is a PhD candidate in biomedical engineering at Boston University. She researches antibiotic resistance, gene network discovery, and optogenetics. Caroline works at the lab of Dr. Mary Dunlop, associate professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Boston University. Mary features in our episode "The Bacteria Cookbook."


Here's where the bacteria research begins! This is a photo of Mary Dunlop's lab at Boston University:

Pictured is Mary Dunlop, her team, and her lab with lab equipment.

Want to learn more about the fight between bacteria and antibiotics? Here's a Ted Ed video:

This is what it looks like when bacteria hide from antibiotics. Scary, right??

And here's an overview of bacteria from the Amoeba Sisters:


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