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Will An Asteroid Hit Earth?

Transcript-Will An Asteroid Hit Earth
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Where and how do scientists protect Earth from asteroids ☄️? Tune into our latest episode with Edgard Rivera-Valentin to learn about planetary defense and the moving story behind Arecibo Observatory 🔭

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Episode art for "Will an Asteroid Hit Earth?" Pictured is an asteroid flaming towards Earth.


Photo of Dr. Edgard Rivera-Valentín.

Dr. Edgard Rivera-Valentín is a planetary radar scientist at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab. They use radar technology to research planetary defense strategies and study the surfaces of asteroids and planetary surfaces.

Here's an interview with Edgard where they discuss astronomical radar at an AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) meeting. Lindsay met Edgard here!


This one's hard to watch... Here is footage of Arecibo's collapse:

Here's a video that helps explain the collapse:

Here's a rendering of "Apophis," the asteroid that gets really close to Earth in 2029. NASA has more information about Apophis here.

Rendering of the Apophis asteroid.

Image Credit: ESA.

NASA also has a bounty of information about OSIRIS-APEX, the spacecraft that will study Apophis as it travels closer to learn. Here's what the trajectory looks like!


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