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The Tale of How Ants Conquered the Earth with Corrie Moreau

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In The Tale of How Ants Conquered the Earth, we explore why there so many different species of ants? Did you know there are more species of ants than there are species of mammals and birds - combined! Ants can be found all over the world, and have been around since before the dinosaurs. The question is, "why?" In this story we talk to entomologist (aka "bug science rockstar") Corrie Moreau.

She is on a quest to understand why ants are evolutionary rockstars. Her journey starts in the jungle and ends in a lab, where she unravels the story of how ant conquered the earth.

Photo of Corrie Moreau

When she is not in the jungle looking at ants Corrie Moreau works at the Field Museum in Chicago. Probably one of the Tumble Team's favorite museums. She regularly appears on the museum's youtube series Brain Scoop. Check out our other episode with Emily Graslie the host of the Brain Scoop.

Listened to the epsiode and still want more ant trivia? We don't blame you! Below are so links to more of the wild world of ants.


Pest World for Kids webpage screenshot

Did you know ants don’t have ears, they "hear" by feeling vibrations in the ground through their feet?! The Pest World for Kids is full of fun info about ants and other insects. Learn about different species of ants, and you can even download Pest ID cards to keep in your observation log.


Ants eating. Clickable photo

Browse amazing photos, learn how ants communicate, why they have a queen, and more.


Still want more, take Corrie's advice and get outside and play with bugs! Then tell us about it! What did you see and observe? Take photos and make drawings. Email them to us at

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