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The Charge of the Everlasting Battery with Mya Le Thai

This weeks episode is inspired by a question from Daniel Cunha all the way from Brazil. He wants to know "Why are some batteries not rechargeable?" We decided to talk to Mya Le Thai from the University of California at Irvine. She recently invented a substance that could make a battery that NEVER DIES.


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Transcript-The Charge of the Everlasting Battery
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Mya Le Thai holds her invention. Photo by Steve Zylius, UC Irvine.

The physics and chemistry of how batteries work is pretty complicated. This video by Discovery News helps breakdown the details. We recommend it if you want to dive deeper into the science behind these tiny powerhouses.

DISCOVERY NEWS: Why Aren’t All Batteries Rechargeable?

Mya isn't the first person to create a battery that's lasted a long time. This video is about a battery that's kept a bell ringing for 176 years! Fortunately, the bell is behind sound-proof glass so it doesn't drive people out of their minds. YouTuber Sally Le Page explains how the first battery was invented with some inspiration from an unfortunate frog, and why this tiny and simple battery has lasted so long.

The Battery That's Lasted 176 Years

Having a battery that never looses charge is great – not only for the extra amount of game time it might give you, but for the planet. Batteries are very toxic when they get old and start to break down. Recognizing the potential environmental consequences, the Environmental Protection Agency categorizes rechargeable batteries as household hazardous waste. In many states it is illegal to throw away batteries, and need to be recycled properly. Check out about how to recycle batteries properly. You can also learn some good tips on how to make your batteries last longer, like never leave a fully-charged battery attached to a charger. It actually shortens the life span.


How to Recycle Rechargeable Batteries clickable photo

Curious about other battery inventions? Read about 3 other out of the box ideas HERE.

What would you power with a battery that lasts forever?

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