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The Secret to Cheetahs' Super Speed


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Transcript-The Secret to Cheetah's Super Speed
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How do cheetahs get their super speed? We talk to a cheetah scientist to find out why a spotted cat is the fastest animal on Earth. Cheetahs are literally built for speed! Anne Hilborn spent months scoping out cheetahs on the hunt in the grasslands of the Serengeti. We’ll discover how cheetahs’ incredible speed is linked to their survival - and what they do when being fast isn’t enough.

First, the cheetah poop pics! To find out what's going on in these photos, listen to Anne's story on our special bonus interview episode, available on Patreon and Tumble's Castbox Premium Channel. (Photo credit for all photos: Sarah Durant)

Okay, now for that lesson in cheetah speed!

We're a bit obsessed with this slow-mo cheetah run video. You can really see the adaptations that Anne talks about in the episode. How many can you spot!? (Pun not intended.)

Here's one of those classic British nature documentaries - with cheetahs on the hunt. See what Anne watched for her research. (Warning: Involves cheetah hunt.)

There's so much more to know about cheetahs!

Here's cheetah facts for kids, from the Cheetah Conservation Fund.

Anne Hilborn has a blog (about cheetahs!)

Anne also wrote a fascinating article about Cheetah Bad Moms and Cheetah Super Moms.

National Geographic has covered the cheetah beat with amazing photos.

Want to help save cheetahs? Here's a few places to check out:

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