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6 Podcast Episodes about Black Scientists - Listen during Black History Month

Black History Month photo

February 1, 2023 marks the start of Black History Month! This month honors the achievements of African Americans and their struggles throughout history. Here is a collection of Tumble stories from African American scientists that present Black innovation in science:

Kevin Solomon

Kevin Solomon

Kevin Solomon is a chemical and biomolecular engineer. He's working on using mealworm gut microbes to improve plastic recycling systems. In 2020, he won an award from the US Department of Energy!

Justine Hudson

Justine Hudson

Justine Hudson is a marine mammal biologist who collects whale snot from belugas. In this episode, Justine shares her incredible snotty adventure in the Arctic, and tells us how blowholes work.

Scott Edwards

Dr. Scott Edwards is a Harvard ornithologist who's done lots of research with a focus on evolution and speciation. Join us as he helps us uncover the origins of owls and why they stay up all night.

Taylorann Smith

Taylorann Smith

Taylorann Smith is a marine biologist who grew up in Chicago - a city far from the ocean - but followed her dreams to research the ocean. Join us as she guides us on the EV Nautilus, a super cool research ship!

Jessica Ware

Dr. Jessica Ware is an entomologist who has done a lot of amazing work not just studying insects, but advocating for Black people in entomology. In this episode, she guides us on a bug body debate!

Photo of Shawn Abrahams

Shawn Abrahams

Dr. R. Shawn Abrahams (they/them) is a botanist, evolutionary biologist, and PhD fellow at Yale University. Of course, they study plants, but they are also passionate about black botanists throughout history.


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