Whooo Are Owls?


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What are the origins of owls, and why do they stay up at night? We answer questions from two owl-curious Tumble listeners. with the help of Harvard ornithologist Dr. Scott Edwards. He takes us on a journey starting in the time of the dinosaurs, to unravel the secrets of what made owls WHOOOO they are today.


In the episode, Scott Edwards is looking at the bird family tree on his computer, to help explain where owls came from. Here's the image:

It comes from this scientific paper, where you can read all the sciencey language about how scientists put it together!

At the end of the show, we challenge listeners to put their own artistic spin on this tree.

Here's a few other visualizations of bird family trees, to inspire you.

This one is for tropical contingas:

From TACC:

Email yours to us at tumblepodcast@gmail.com! We'd love to see it.


Scott is an expert in ALL KINDS of birds.

Here's a video of Scott explaining his research and work as a curator in a museum:

Scott also LOVES to get outside, as a birder and a biker. He did this for a great cause last summer.

Read about his cross-country bicycle ride to raise awareness for Black Birders Week, and Black Lives Matter.

Read an interview with Scott about his bike ride.

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