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Can We Time Travel?

Transcript-Can We Build A Time Machine
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Can we build a time machine - for real? Get ready to have your mind blown as we find out with Clifford Johnson, a theoretical physicist and science advisor for the MCU. He tells us how we can time travel - now!! ⌚

This is the last episode of Season 9, but stay tuned to our Patreon for all sorts of summer fun!

Learn more about time travel and Clifford's film advising in our bonus interview extra on Patreon!

Episode art for "Can We Time Travel?" Pictured is a clock.


Clifford Johnson writing at his desk with a lamp. Books and a whiteboard are in the background.

Clifford Johnson is a professor of Physics at the University of California Santa Barbara. He researches quantum gravity, quantum field theory, superstring theory, and much more! Clifford also helps advise Marvel movies! Here's a neat article about his work with Marvel.


Here's a video where Clifford discusses the work of a science consultant for Hollywood movies:

Clifford also has a TED Talk all about string theory!

If you want to learn more about time travel, here's a quick article from NASA for you. And if you want more, here's a TED-Ed video all about time travel. Einstein makes an appearance here, too!


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