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What Do Dogs Think?

Transcript-What Do Dogs Think
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How do we find out what dogs are thinking? With a play, of course! 🎭 For our Season Eight finale, researcher Dr. Zachary Silver will reveal the secrets of dog science! 🐶 Be sure to tune in… it might get a little dramatic!

Learn more about Zachary's interest in dogs in our bonus interview episode, available on Patreon!

Episode art for "What Do Dogs Think?". Pictured is a dog on a stage



Zachary Silver is a researcher at the Yale Cognition Center - and soon to be at Occidental College. Zachary's research focuses on how animals learn from and about humans.

Want to learn more from Zachary? Here's a Smithsonian article featuring him and the Canine Cognition Lab.

Researcher holding treat for dog in the lab.


Here's a news story about what goes on at Zachary's workplace, the Yale Canine Cognition Lab!

Here's a PBS video all about dog intelligence. Super cool stuff!

And just because we had to share, here are Elliot's two not-quite-smart dogs on the sofa! Wallace is on the left and Pickles is on the right. Note Wallace's doughnut cone and Pickles' epic underbite!

Wallace wearing a donut around his neck and Pickles smiling on the right.

Pickles on a bed.
Wallace on a bed


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