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What's That Bird Song?

Transcript-What's That Bird Song
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Join us to explore the splendid sounds of our feathered friends! 🐦Birder Trevor Attenberg tells us of his journeys in the bird world so you can discover the secrets of their songs!

Learn more about how Trevor recognizes birds by their songs in our bonus interview episode, available on Patreon!

Episode art for "What's That Bird Song?" Pictured are two birds smiling on a tree branch in the sun. Musical notes are around them.

NSF logo.

This episode is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant Number # 2148711 - Engaging Blind, Visually Impaired, and Sighted Students in STEM with Storytelling through Podcasts. Click here to learn more.



Photo of Trevor Attenberg smiling.

Trevor Attenberg is a writer, musician, teacher, and accessibility specialist. Trevor is super passionate about the natural world. Here's a video where he promotes studying the wilderness:

Remember Trevor's digital encyclopedia? Here's a video of it in good old Windows '95:


A robin standing on grass

Here's the Guide to North American Birds from the Audobon Society. It has information on hundreds of birds - songs included! The sounds of each bird will help you on your journey to identify every bird you hear and you can choose your region to find which species fly around you. Trevor's encyclopedia was awesome, but this might be even better!

Logo for Project FeederWatch: An annual survey of birds that visit feeders in winter. Sponsored by the Cornell Lab or Ornithology and Bird Studies Canada

Next, Project FeederWatch is a fun way to help scientists in the bird world! FeederWatch is a November-April survey of birds in North America, where you feed birds and see who comes around. No feeder required! Track which birds appear in your selected area (e.g.: a backyard or a park) and submit your data to help science!

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Celebrate Urban Birds logo

Also supported by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Celebrate Urban Birds is a neat project where you learn about birds, bird-watch, and report your results to the Cornell Lab. Celebrate Urban Birds aims to create inclusive, equity-based citizen science projects, especially for communities underrepresented in birding. Their Learn Birds page is super useful for finding more about the flocks near you!

Nature recordist Juan Pablo Culass holding a microphone on a forest trail.

Finally, for more birding stories, check out this podcast episode from Science Friday. Nature recordist Juan Pablo Culass created accessible trails in southwest Colombia, offering super neat opportunities for people with low-vision or blindness!


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