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The Sign of the Ninja Virus with Jasdave Chahal and Omar Khan


NGSS Standards:


How do vaccines work to keep you healthy? It's like showing a "Wanted" sign with a picture of a bad guy to your body. When the disease shows up looking to make you sick, your body will be prepared to fight it off.

A wanted poster

Imagine this poster, but with this ugly/fuzzy Zika molecule attached:

Virus molecule graphic

Omar Khan and Jasdave Chahal, the scientists of our Vaccine Dream Team, have developed an experimental new way to develop vaccines so they can get to the people who need them more quickly. Here are a few articles where you can learn more about the science behind the idea:

But what about the basics? Glad you asked! Try this video from PBS/NOVA on immunity and vaccines:

Or this one from our friend Joe Hanson of It's Okay to Be Smart!

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