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The Girl Who Spoke Science


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Transcript-The Girl Who Spoke Science
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In this episode, meet 11-year-old Sarah Galvani-Townsend! She’s our first ever kid science expert. In many ways, Sarah is a regular kid who loves science. But she’s got an unusual hobby. Sarah tells us why studying dogs and rabies is one of her favorite extracurricular activities, and how she translates “science language” into “kid language.”

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Science Journal for Kids adapts cutting-edge, peer-reviewed science research for students. Most of the translating is done by the scientists who wrote the studies. But as Sarah tells us in the episode, her mom suggested that she give it a try.

Read Sarah's paper, "How to Prevent Rabies in India?"

Sarah also translated a paper on HIV.

The papers also come with resources for teachers!

Check out a few more of our favorite science papers for kids:

Sarah does much more than translate science papers. In this video, watch Sarah advocate for healthcare coverage with her sister.

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