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Was T-Rex Smart?

Transcript-Was T-Rex Smart
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Was T-Rex smart? How did smartness begin? 🧠 Tune in to hear Suzana Herculano-Hozel, a neuroscientist who will show us the science of smartness and the wonders of big thinking! 🦕

Learn more about our brains with Suzana in our bonus interview episode on Patreon!



Photo of Suzana with a brain toy on her head

Suzana Herculano-Houzel is a neuroscientist and associate professor at Vanderbilt University. Her lab investigates brain diversity and she's excited about the intersection between brain metabolism, growth, and more!

She also has her own YouTube channel called the Neuroscience Office Hour. Check it out for plenty of brain science!

Here's her TED Talk where she talks about how special human brains are:

And of course, here is a video of Suzana's famous brain soup! Warning: real brains are indeed displayed!


Photo of a T-Rex skull

Here's where the brains of a dinosaur would have gone! As we learn in the episode, they were a lot smarter than we may have expected. Here's an article Suzana helped out on that explores this further.

Here's a video from Suzana's channel where she talks about dinosaurs - the primates of their time!


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