The Coronavirus Vaccine Race

How did scientists develop coronavirus vaccines in record time? New York Times science reporter Carl Zimmer is our guide to the coronavirus vaccine race - from the starting line, to the point when several teams are racing to the finish line. Find out how science gave the competitors a turbo boost that could save hundreds of millions of lives.


It's important to have reliable information on vaccines. Here are three good sources for the latest information on the COVID-19 vaccines:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US)

The World Health Organization COVID-19 Vaccine Information (International)

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center


Our friend Joe at It's Okay to Be Smart made this awesome video covering vaccine development. He takes you inside the lab that uncovered the clue to the spike protein, and developed the first vaccines:


Our first Q & A from March 2020:

Our second Q & A from April 2020:

Where did coronavirus start, and how did we learn about viruses?:

How vaccines work:

Editor's note: Thanks to Liane Siu Slaughter for her help fact-checking this episode!