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The Science of Butts

"The Science of Butts" podcast art. Cartoon of dog


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Systems and System Models

Transcript-The Science of Butts
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What is a butt? That’s what science journalist Katherine Wu wanted to know. Her quest for an answer leads her into a web of big butt questions, and a search to find the top butt scientists in the world. She discovers a debate over where butts come from, and a very strange butt that could rewrite the annals of butt history.


This episode features Katherine Wu and the story behind her amazing article. We highly recommend reading it! (It's written for adults, but we think it's kid-friendly... enough.) There's lots more brilliant butt facts to be found in it!

Here's the link:

The Body's Most Embarrassing Organ is an Evolutionary Marvel

Photo of Katherine Wu

Katherine Wu

Here's some our other favorites of Katherine's writing on weird animal behavior:

These Sea Slugs Break a Cardinal Rule of Animal Life

What Defines Disgust?

What Can't Elephant Trunks Do?


Ha! There's more butt science journalism. Tumble guest Anna Rothschild has an award-winning video with John Cena about human butts.

Massive Science did a whole Butt Month! Read more about the comb jelly's "sometimes butt." Or learn about how prey can escape their predators through the anus!

Katherine has also been featured talking rear ends on other podcasts (for adults). Here she is on NPR's Short Wave:

And Vox's Unexplainable:

Hear more from our interview with Katherine about butts, on our bonus interview episode - available on Tumble's exclusive Patreon feed.

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