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The Mask of the Crow Scientist


NGSS Standards:



Crosscutting Concepts:

Cause and Effect

Transcript-The Mask of the Crow Scientist
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Not a true crime story, but a true science story! Starring a murder of crows, a person in a creepy mask, and one very curious scientist named Kaeli Swift. We unravel the mystery of what appears like scene from a Halloween fright night, but is actually an experiment designed to reveal the reasons for some very weird crow behavior. Turns out, you can get a lot of strange looks on the road to science discovery.

Did you wonder what those creepy masks looked like? Imagine encountering this person on an outing to the park!

Woman in a mask holding a crow

Here's a fantastic KQUED Deep Look video about Kaeli's study.

We have a challenge for you at the end of the episode!

1. Think of a question about a weird animal behavior you've always wondered about.

2. Come with an idea of what you think the answer might be.

3. Figure out how you would test your idea to find out if you're right.

4. Discuss your idea with your friends and family!

5. Draw a picture that describes your experiment idea, or make a voice recording. Then, send it to! We want to share it with all our listeners.

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