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Science and tacos: Our official Patreon launch party!

Y’all. We are having a party here in Texas! We’re inviting Tumble listeners to celebrate our official Patreon campaign launch with the things we love most: Science and tacos!!

Tacos around the Earth with the caption "Tacos make the earth go round"

Radio Coffee & Beer is one of our favorite hangs here in Austin, and we’re so excited to meet you there! We’ll have an insect exploration perfect for kids and adults, led by Dr. Joe Hanson, host of It’s Okay to Be Smart, the YouTube video series from PBS Digital!

We're also working up other treats we'll announce as the event gets closer. Location: 4204 Manchaca Rd, Austin, TX 78704 Date: Saturday, September 17, starting at 10 am RSVP on Facebook If you can’t teleport to Austin for the party (we understand – teleportation is hard), we’ll be releasing the experiment so you can do it along with us! Send us your results through our new contact form. This party is about the enthusiasm and support that makes Tumble possible. If you appreciate what we do for your family, and believe in supporting the work you want in the world, we ask you to please consider making a pledge on Patreon. All of our nights and weekends go into Tumble – it’s a bit crazy. To make it sustainable for us to continue, we need your support! Thanks for being there for us, because we want to keep being here for you!

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